Shops of Saddle Creek
Germantown, TN

Extensive renovations at a tight & challenging site
without disrupting current tenants

The scope

The Shops of Saddle Creek is the first shopping center in the nation developed as a Lifestyle Center. With its central location in affluent Germantown, Tennessee, and famous high-end shops, it is still one of the premiere shopping experiences in the country. Linkous Construction was hired to construct additions and handle all renovations to the 132,517 SF shopping center, while minimizing disruptions to the current customer experience.

Challenges & Resolutions

A surface detention basin had to be converted into an underground detention basin. Careful planning with the subcontractors allowed us to minimize the impact of the situation by providing a temporary outfall structure that enabled the existing basin to function until the new basin was completed.

All of the existing utilities for the shopping center were located in the area in which we were to construct the new buildings, or in the area in which the new underground basin was located. Creative and careful planning with the utility providers allowed us to relocate the utilities without any outages or disruption to the existing tenants and customers.

How the Client was protected

The Project Manager listened to the Client’s concerns given their need to add and renovate several buildings with minimal disruptions to the existing tenants and customer experience, while also navigating a tight and challenging site.

The Linkous team took all of that into consideration during the bidding process, and was able to properly plan and provide allowances for the above challenges without any financial impact to the client.


There was not any additional financial impact to the client, and only limited delays to the overall project. The Client is very pleased with Linkous Construction’s process and all of the progress that was made in such a short amount of time.

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