Briarcrest Performing Arts Center
Memphis, TN

Bad weather conditions create an opportunity for solutions, not scheduling excuses.

The scope

Braircrest Christian School decided to add a new, state-of-the-art 35,000 SF auditorium and administration building to their sprawling and beautiful campus in Eads, Tennessee, and Linkous was hired to do the job. However, they needed the new building completed on a fast track schedule so the administration staff could relocate from their old building to the new facility in between semesters during Christmas break.

Challenges & Resolutions

One set of challenges presented itself almost immediately. A burn pit pre-existed on the site in which the new building was to be constructed, which meant there were partially decayed, burnt tree stumps in the soil. There was also a natural water spring flowing underground. Due to the stump debris, and the high moisture levels underground, the soil’s ability to support the footings for the new building was compromised. Linkous’ solution was to use geo-piers as a cost effective solution to provide extra support to the footings. This was especially important since the auditorium required a depressed slab for an orchestra pit, which would require especially deep footings. Despite a very wet and rainy November, Linkous was able to install 42 geo-piers in less than a week in order to provide the right solution to support the footings and keep the project moving.

The second main challenge occurred when extremely wet and rainy weather conditions caused a major delay early on in the project. The original schedule called for the building to be delivered in mid-January. However, the unforeseen weather and soil conditions pushed the completion back to mid-February. In all actuality, the building needed to be completed in December so the administration staff could move in while the students were out of school during Christmas break. In order to make that a reality, Linkous orchestrated the delivery of the structural steel and light gauge framing in a way that expedited the schedule by a month. 

How the Client was protected

Linkous came up with a cost effective solution to ensure the footings for the new building would be supported and safe upon uncovering compromised soil conditions, which protected the Client’s budget and schedule. They were also able to expedite the construction schedule despite poor weather conditions that were beyond the team’s control. By enacting some creative solutions, Linkous was able to complete the job a month early for the Client, which protected their schedule and needs. 


The Client was able to move their employees into the new building while school was out for the Christmas holiday, so when school started in January, the administration staff, teachers, and students were all in one building for the first time in Briarcrest history. The students also began using the auditorium immediately upon returning to school for weekly chapel and to rehearse their Spring play. 

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