Renaissance Center
Memphis, Tennessee

Met foundation & safety obstacles head on
without impacting schedule

The scope

This was an 8-story, 193,000 SF “speculative” office building for lease, as opposed to owner occupied, with a 436-car parking garage.

Challenges & Resolutions

A major obstacle was the design and execution of the foundation due to the increased seismic loads. In order to properly secure the foundation, Linkous installed it 70 feet deep to prevent the seismic loads from being or becoming an issue, and to ensure safety.

Another challenge was the safety precautions that needed to be implemented due to it being a high-rise building. Linkous meticulously constructed perimeter cabling and temporary guard rails to maintain a safe working environment.

How the Client was protected

Because of detailed and careful planning daily, Linkous was able to meet the deep foundation and safety obstacles head on without impacting the budget or schedule. And, there were not any injuries or accidents during construction due to the safety precautions taken.


The Client was very pleased, and has been a repeat Linkous client for many years and several successful projects.

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