Sanctuary by the Sea
Santa Rosa Beach, FL

Maintained demanding schedule despite
several obstacles and stayed within budget

The scope

This was a condominium resort project in which Linkous was hired to build 82 condominiums totaling 280,000 SF. A demanding construction schedule was required, and due to the site location, several obstacles had to be overcome, including the unique noise, parking, and access restrictions.

Challenges & Resolutions

A major obstacle was the timing. Linkous started the project during one of the busiest periods that the Florida Panhandle has ever experienced. Because of that, there was a major lack in local manpower and materials. Through Linkous’ relationship with subcontractors in other nearby markets, they were able to attract quality and competitive team members to the area for the manpower necessary to complete the project.

Another challenge was the limited access to the site, as well as the noise and parking restrictions. In order to prevent these challenges from effecting the construction timeline, Linkous procured off-site parking areas and a shuttle system to the site for all employees. Linkous also worked closely with the Home Owners Association to create designated construction hours to minimize noise issues for the existing neighbors.               

How the Client was protected

Despite the obstacles, Linkous was able to maintain the very demanding construction schedule and stay within the original budget parameters.


The Client was very pleased that Linkous was able to complete the project on time and on budget, and the condominium owners were happy to move into their condos on the time frames stated on their closing documents.

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